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Bexar Executives

There are five elected officers who are responsible for organizing the county party's activities. Officers are elected for two year terms in the Spring of even numbered years. 

Members or supporters can contribute their time, donate funds for projects or both. You may volunteer for a specific candidate or you may volunteer to assist with general county party activities. If you wish to become a voting member of the party, you can affiliate with the party in any year that you have not already affiliated with another political party.

To be eligible to run for office as a Libertarian or to run for election as a county officer you must affiliate with the party. If you would like to volunteer for a county level committee or outreach position, please contact the county chair.

You may also contact anyone listed below if you have comments or questions.


  Officer Date Elected Email
Matt Piña

April 25th
2017 (210) 336-8389

Vice Chair
James Holland

March 12th
2016 (210) 355-0336

Bekah Congden

March 12th
2016 (830) 837-6805 

Arthur Thomas

March 12th
2016 (210) 464-2146
Bill Grisham
Bill Grisham

March 12th
2016 (210) 889-8175

County Committees


  Organizer Phone Email
  Outreach Coordinator (Open)                       
  Membership Coordinator (Open)