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Become a Candidate

There are several types of candidates depending on your available time and level of interest.  We encourage all candidates to do what they can. The Libertarian party is truly a grass roots organization, all of our funding comes from individual donors and members. Each person who runs is responsible for running their own campaign, and seeking support of their fellow members for their nomination as a candidate. The ideal candidate will gain support for their nomination by demonstrating that they agree with the key principles of the party platform.

Ballot Advocate

This candidate fills out the required paper work and election forms necessary to run on the ballot. This candidate simply agrees to have their name on the ballot and becomes an advocate for the Libertarian party even if they do not have time to do more.. However, this candidate still plays a vital role in the party and in the election process itself. This candidate helps us to maintain ballot access for the party, an invaluable hard fought for status in Texas. This candidate shows voters that  the 'lesser of two evils' is not the only option.  Ballot Advocate does not mean that a candidate is unqualified. Some people run as this candidiate type because they do not have the financial resources or have other committments to be a more active candidate.  We thank them for standing up for choice in our elections system in a time when it is harder and harder to tell the difference in a status quo ballot.

Education Candidate

This is for someone that would like to not only be on the ballot but also use it as a platform to help spread Liberatarian ideas. This person likely would be only a 'part-time' candidate. These candidates offer a real choice from status quo offerings of typical candidates but commit more time to their campaigns.  This would include filling out surveys and answering questions from voters who call.  Each candidate can determine their own strengths and preferences in how to present ideas to the public and is free to decide which events to attend.  It is encouraged that an educational candidate will take as many opportunities as possible to let people know they have another choice and exactly what kind of ideas are represented by the party.

Full Time Candidate

This level is for someone who wants to commit full time to being a candidate and representing the choice and the principles of the Libertarian Party.  Running full time is a lot of hard work and involves meeting voters, campagining, interviews, surveys, debates, writing letters to newspapers, and trying to get attention and let voters be aware of how you represent the true princples of Liberty. You don't necessarily have to have a big budget, you must simply being willing and able to commit to being a full time candidate. Competing against parties with major funding and government backing makes it difficult but running can be rewarding in many ways.  You will have the opportunity to meet voters and get a good perspective of the challenges that are before us all.  Sometimes you also get an opportunity to challege the ideas of the current leaders directly. 

Filing Information

All candidates are welcome to use their county party as a resource for information.  We need to state that employees and other members of the Libertarian Party are not elections lawyers and are not qualified to give legal advice.  We can show you where to find important information and assist you whenever possible.

Candidates for Federal Offices including the US Senate and the US Congress should refer to the Federal Elections Commission for applicable forms and read the rules BEFORE spending or raising any money for your campaign, including your own.

All other candidates should refer to the Texas Ethics Commission:

Local Candidates may have additional requirements.  Check with your County Elections office and/or your local city government for more details.

Please contact us if you have any questions!