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Voting members may participate in the convention process. Participating in conventions means you can vote on changes to the party platform, the party rules, choose party leadership, and select federal, state and county level candidates. Executives of the county executive committee are directly elected by the voting members of that county. State convention delegates vote for state wide party candidates and select the leaders of the state party. The national convention delegates select the National Committee leaders and every four years, they choose the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the party.

Nominating conventions are held on the even numbered years, every other year. At these conventions delegates and alternate delegates are chosen to attend the next highest level in the process. There are conventions at four different levels described below. 

Precinct Convention

The day of the precinct convention is determined by the state of Texas. The precincts are the smallest unit of the election process and usually consist of one or a few neighborhood areas. Voting members can vote of this day at their polling place. The precinct chair, or one selected by the county chair, temporarily serves as the convention chair until permanent chair is selected in the convention process. Resolutions, delegates, and alternate delegates are selected then to go to the county convention.

County & Senatorial Convention

Texas election law determines the day that the county convention is held. If a county is located in more than one state senate district then a convention is held for each senate district. At this convention county officers, rules, resolutions are voted on. 

State Convention

Texas election law determines the day that this convention is held and the state executive committee determines the time and place. The state chair serves as the convention chair. Permanent officers, party rules, the party platform, and the executive committee are selected by voting members at this convention. National convention delegates are selected here as well. 

National Convention

On presidential election years the national convention is held in which delegates vote on party rules, party platform, and nominate presidential and vice presidential candidates.

None of the Above

A special item of note about convention elections in the Libertarian Party is that there is always a "None of the above" (NOTA) choice on the ballot. Libertarians believe that the ability to vote for no one being selected for a position should be available. This allows voters that want to state clearly that a none of the candidates on the ballot are qualified or preferred to represent the party.