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Do Libertarians not believe in social welfare?

Libertarians believe in social welfare in the form of taking care of each other, but not in the current way people use the word. Some people too readily believe that assistance can only come from government or none will be provided.  This is simply a fallacy.  The people of the United States took care of each other for over a hundred years before the ideas of a welfare state even entered into existence here.

The Libertarian's idea of welfare is called volunteerism. It involves private individuals and groups putting their money where they think it works best voluntarily. In our current welfare state system every time a group has an idea of how to spend money on their cause they petition the government. As more and more groups do this they are taking money from others involuntarily and using it for their purposes. It creates a huge battleground for special interests. This involuntary system means you lose power as an individual to control where your money is most needed.  

If you keep your money and donate it to organizations that you believe in then you have complete control over it. If you do not like how that organization works then you can immediately effect the things you care about by changing who you donate to. This puts you in control of who, how and when you help. This is unlike the government programs which bury money in a sluggish bureaucracy that take away your direct control.

A common complaint is also that no one will donate or there are not enough people who care. Looked at another way, if you take the common stereotypes from the right, at least half of them are compassionate Christians, and the left which at least half are socially minded then you have at least half the country willing to help out which is more than enough. Also if it were true that majority of Americans simply did not want to help then really should the majority have to be forced to suffer for the ideas of a few that want to control them?  If we were not really a compassionate country then why do we pretend to be? This argument is amazingly hard to believe though given how we come to each others aid in times of crisis Americans are one of the most giving societies in the world.

Lets stop letting bureaucrats chew up our compassion in overhead and red tape. Unleash the true value of Americas spirit and put power back in the hands of the source - the people. Let us let go of the false ideas of compassion by proxy and the dark promises of the easy path that may ease our minds but do not help our countrymen. Put your morality back in your hands and do not let someone take that power from you.