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Which part of the party do I donate to?

All of them is the best answer, but people have to tailor what they are capable of giving to where it helps the most.  How the party works is more bottom up. The county groups are going to have the most effect locally and work on spreading the ideas. If you have to make a choice between national, state, and county it is best to focus on the county.  As many say, 'that is where the rubber hits the road".


If you could donate $100 a month to the LP and idea of how to break that up would be:  $70 county, $20 state, $10 national.  

Why Donate?

There are so many things you can do with you money and most of it probably goes to your responsible obligations like your home and family. Why should you give money to the Libertarian Party of Bexar County?

It would be nice to think that good ideas and strong principles live on, but the reality is that they need to be spread. There are many people out there that do not know what the Libertarian party is or have learned about it incorrectly from bad sources. Many people think it means liberal just after hearing the name. It takes people, time, and effort to reach out and let people know we are here and what we stand for. In the current political realm, the major parties have millions of dollars floating around that they use for advertising and creating media for outreach. The Republicans and Democrats also have the advantage of being in the media 24/7/365 which gives them massive exposure. While we have hardworking leaders and candidates that do what we can, we really have to buy media and ads to get more exposure. This means a good deal of money.  Simple radio ads for a few weeks can cost over $2000 easily.  

There are 2 main issues that money helps with:

  • Getting the Libertarian name out there and letting people know there is another party and another choice.
  • Letting people know what our platform and principles are once they are aware of us.

Supplies that are helpful in doing the outreach:

  • flyers, door hangers, pamphlets
  • yard signs
  • robocalls
  • booths
  • radio ads
  • newspaper ads (college, commercial)
  • tv ads

These are a few of the things that need to be done that can add up to an expensive roadblock to getting information out quickly and effectively. The Libertarian Party of Bexar county does the best with the resources available and each member has to decide where their contribution fits in with the party and their personal goals and means.

There are other ways to donate as well and they are encouraged. We realize money gets tight sometimes and unfortunately that is when people need to hear our message the most. Some other ways to donate are:

  • Block walking for spreading information or for a candidate
  • Writing letters to newspapers
  • Calling the legislator and writing them (citizen activism has an effect!)
  • Helping to setup a booth at a public event
  • Making calls for a candidate
  • Bring friends to social events to spread the word

Like everything else in the world, if you believe in the ideas and principles then they need your help to stay alive and spread! We encourage you to find out your interests and how best you can give to help these ideas get out and spread.