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How are Libertarians any different than the other parties?

Foremost are our set of principles. The principles the party follows have not changed since the LP was founded in 1971. This is not due to any foolish ideas of 'staying the course' but of having an understanding of freedom and the function of government.  Others parties may change with political whims, but the LP has central tenets of smaller government and non aggression towards others' liberty that affects what is represented in the platform.

Another issue that the LP is against is taking government money to run the party. While the two major parties use taxpayer money to fund their campaigns (your money to help them get elected), the LP is against that kind of corruption.

And one of the most important items to know is that our vote or policies cannot be 'bought'. We do not capitulate to any special interest groups or lobbyist since our foundation for making decisions comes from understanding of liberty and the constitution.  Since there is little leeway when following a strong set of principles, a special interest group cannot come in and offer money or votes to change our minds.  Giving in on these items would mean that we deny what it is to be Libertarian.

Feel free to contact us and ask us about items with which you are concerned.  We give straight forward and reasonable answers unlike those "other guys"!