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How come there are no examples of Libertarian utopia?

This is another common falsehood about the ideas of Libertarianism. Unlike other political parties that promise that they can create a better world with just the right set of laws and governance, Libertarians make no such claim. Libertarians do not believe that any single set of ideas can make a perfect world. In fact, we realistically understand that bad things happen in the world and people must be free to deal with them and even help each other out. Libertarians do not claim to be able to build a utopia at all. Upon a strong foundation of a small government that protects life, liberty, and property a society is free to build itself. Each individual is then free to build their own ideal world instead of having another person's ideal of perfection thrust upon them. As long as no one is using aggression or force upon another then all are free to live the lives they want and trade as they see fit.

One mans utopia is another mans hell.  We do not want to impose flippant ideas of utopia on anyone. Historys lesson is that so called utopian societies have lead to great suffering.