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I am not sure how Libertarian I am but how can I be involved?

Its ok if you are still exploring the idea of Libertarianism.  We have members that come from many different perspectives and at different paces.  Some may jump right in while others may take years to get comfortable with the ideals of Libertarianism. We offer straight forward ideas that strike at the heart of issues and it can seem quite bold and different to people accustomed to the standard political games.

Being involved is the best way to learn. Everyone has a different way they can help.  Contact us or come to a meeting and discuss how you can help. Some ways you can help are: supporting a candidate block walking, bringing friends to meetings, or you can donate if you are to busy to commit time. We all have unique abilities and was we can contribute.  Great ideas unfortunately do not spread themselves and It is a tough job so we appreciate all that want to join the effort. We are sure we can find a way that you can help in a comfortable and convenient manner.

Come find out where you fit in!