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There are different levels of membership that you can have within the party. Some of the structure is from following Texas state election law and some is from the Libertarian party rules.

Supporting member (donor or volunteer)

Anyone who donates money to the party or who wishes to volunteer to support the party or it's candidates can be considered a supporting member.

Voting Member (party affiliated member)

The voting membership level requires that you affiliate with the Libertarian partyand support its principles. This is usually done at a convention during the even numbered years, according to state election code and party rules. Member at this level can vote on party matters and can be considered for a position as a delegate at the state and national conventions. There is no requirement to donate to the party in order to become an affilated or voting member. Voting members must affirm their commitment to the party principles and attest to not affiliating with another political party in the same calender year they join the party. This level allows for you to have a vote in how the party functions and to vote for our candidates and party representatives. You can read more information on how this works on the convention information page.

Regular Member (non-voting member)

Regular members are members who may have previously affiliated with another party in the same calender year before becoming active with or joining the Libertarian party or who wish to participate but do not wish to become a delegate or party official.