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My vote does not really matter.

This is a self fulfilling prophecy. You can certainly make sure that your ideas do not matter by not voting, but even then you are supporting candidates. Not voting is the same as assenting to the majority will. You support the majority by not using your vote and this allows the majority, which is usually less than 40% of the voters), to make decisions about your government for you. 

What this is really about is whether you care to vote or not. If you don't mind other people making decisions about your government without your consent then they will gladly do so. You cannot expect a system to improve by not being involved. The only way to make it start to matter to you is to participate.

Finding out the who, where, when, and what of voting can certainly be confusing. was setup to help with that. Libertarian candidates are willing to discuss issues you may have concerns with as well during election times. If you have general questions then please contact us.

Make sure you are registered to vote!