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Political Refugees

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on Mon, 05/09/2016 - 12:10
The news about Ted Cruz dropping out of the Republican race has had a lot of Republicans looking towards other options. When faced against a status quo big government war hawk democrat and a questionably competent and flippant Republican rabblerouser even those that could typically hold their nose at politics at usual start to wonder just what is going on. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren't just bad choices, the represent everything that is wrong with government. All but the most die hard party or bust supporters are questioning if there is a better way. There is!
Libertarians are not surprised at current outcomes. We don't see the current election cycle as a odd fluke of a two party system, but instead as the inevitable result of running two old parties for so long. Voting the "lesser of two evils" and voting against a candidate instead of for one leads to exactly this problem. A system in which candidates gerrymander and buy voters through political promises combined with voters always "holding their nose" is not a system in which you raise good politicians. This only encourages the worst in government. The founders warned of government going bad and citizens that need to remain ever vigilant against it. Voters have not been vigilant against bad government. They have been extremely tolerant of it. Our current political outcomes are a demonstration of this chain of events over decades.
Its time to stop. We realize not all those looking for other options are necessarily in complete agreement with Libertarians. We know some are leaning and some are "libertarian-lite". Thats ok. We offer hope and opportunity for anyone looking for a solution to this political mess. We can be that opportunity to send a resounding "NO" to politics as usual. We can be a means to add in a new voice into the mix so that more moderate voices can rise up out of the extremes worst of an old two party system. And lastly, we can be a new home for the politically battered people who simply want to live free with a government that actually protects that freedom instead of endangering it. 
Our lantern is lit if you are lost in the darkness. You might not end up with us as your final home, but we offer a haven from this political storm in which seems to assault us all. Come check us and hopefully you will realize there is a better way.   

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