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Why don't I see more LP ads?

Money is the simple answer.

The main parties have been long entrenched and have their funding sources from individuals, companies, and special lobby groups.They have created a system where groups need to 'buy into' them in order to succeed. They even get taxpayer dollars to help run their campaigns.  

Its nice to think that reporting requirements mean that these political groups have watchdogs on them but in reality voters pay very little attention to funding sources. Who does pay attention are the parties themselves and lobbyist. You often see a large corporation making donations to both parties so they will be favored by whomever wins. This also hurts 3rd parties because that same idea keeps some from donating to them.  Donors are scared of being perceived as supporting an 'outside' group.

Libertarians do the best with what they have and also have the highest vote totals per dollar of any party. This means we get more votes for each dollar spent.  Even so, it is very hard to get large or numerous donors.  Libertarians are often just hard working families that want to live their life in peace and take care of the ones they love.  Giving money can be a struggle for those families.

Politics costs a tremendous amount of money.  It is hard to 'buy into' the game.  Many media sources will not even take a party or candidates seriously until they have spent enough money buying advertising.  This in turn means its harder to get your name out and get donations.  

There are people working very hard on this and we ask everyone that can to give what they are capable and help in the cause of spreading great principles.

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