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A Dose of Principle

on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 16:29

In reference to: Regulate marijuana like wine.

The measure of a person's value of liberty is not how much liberty one desires for oneself, but how much liberty one is willing to allow others.


We of the Libertarian Party are certainly supportive and proud of Judge Gray. Before anyone knew who he was (outside the legal profession) Roger Bloxham as Orange County LP Chair, invited Judge Gray to be our guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the LP of Orange County. So many people showed up they stood on the lawn outside and we opened the windows so they could hear. I think about 200 showed up and room was crowded at 50 so it made quite an impression on the different press members attending. I believe and as I remember, Alan Bock introduced him and then David Nolan did the wind up thank you to Judge Gray for his courage in taking such an unpopular stand. Hard to believe both Alan and Dave are gone now. Many libertarians feel the void, but know they both would applaud Judge Gray's continuing courage. 
Libertarians can be immensely proud of the principled stand we and the few dedicated organizations who have focused so long on these issues, have steadfastly held. We took the moral high ground and stood firm even in the face of ridicule, and non support from the other political parties. Libertarians held firm while others have cared more for political popularity and were too narrow, cowardly and blind to see the unethical ramifications of their position.
Further, the libertarians have stood almost alone on the issue of self ownership and self determination that the federal policy destroys. Of course, in spite of a great amount of foresight on the future dangers of the War on Drugs, even libertarians could not foresee the enormous number of incarcerations here and the convoluted world wide damage this "War" has caused. Enormous praise to all those who have stood tall against this travesty and especially to all the libertarians and the LP for being the voice of reason and justice.