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November 5th Constitutional Amendments Positions

on Sun, 10/20/2013 - 22:16

Click here to view the official recommendations from LP Bexar county on the constitutional amendment ballot measures.

The Libertarian Party will always fight to reduce government and give maximum choice to people. The path to do that is not always clear, but we strive sometimes to make the best choices out of the poor options given to us by those that hold power. We continue to work towards a day when choices are made voluntarily by people working together and not thrust upon them by those who would rule them.

Until that day comes, please join us. We are a great community of individuals, families, volunteers, and activists. We all believe the collective power of peaceful and compassionate individuals will always be more substantial than that of politicians. Good luck and please vote on November 5th!

To check your voter status please go to

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Election Night Watch Party

on Sat, 11/03/2012 - 02:33

We will be gathering to watch the election results come in. Come join us and chat about the results and the election season. Good luck to all our candidates and those that represent liberty on the ballot. That all the Libertarians out there for their support this election season and we hope we can continue to work with everyone to gain even more ground in the future.

When: Tuesday, November 6th @ 7pm

Where: Lion & Rose Pub, 5148 Broadway Street, San Antonio, Texas

We have spent almost all our funds on advertising for the elections. We have plans for the future but need to build our reserve back up for future supplies. We still want to setup booths and give out information through the year. Please consider a donation to help us in our efforts even if you cannot make it to the watch party. We cannot reach more people without your help. Every bit helps us all reach our goal to Live Free!

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Most Important Election Ever

on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 23:06

Interesting facts about important races in which Libertarian Party members are involved. Note how many with just 2% of the vote would gain Ballot Access. The R's and D's have done everything they can think of to limit and annihilate any other party from appearing on the ballot. For this reason alone, I could NOT under any circumstances vote for Romney.  

I agree partially with some of the Republican and Tea Party lip service, just as I agree partially with some of the Democrats favorite rhetoric about civil liberties and anti wars. But there are too many inconsistencies and most important actions once in elected office. Compare what Romney did as as governor. Look at what he did.  Then, compare that to two term Gov. Johnson. Look at Obama's rhetoric before being in office. A real civil libertarian until he got power. 
As I have said before, this election shows the dark side of both Obama and Romney. But let's analyze Romney as so many believe he is the lesser of two evils or maybe they hope he is a really god guy.  Well both men are probably good with their family. So were the Mafia Dons. 
Romney's complicity in absolute, no question about it, cheating on ballots tells me all I need to know about his character(he is willing to cheat and lie) and philosophy (pragmatism: the end justifies the means). Meanwhile the Dems are faulting him for all the wrong reasons; they love Romney Care and criticize him for Outsourcing. Idiotic. As they are pragmatists also,the Dems will not criticize Romney for the absolute skull duggery against Paul. They do this type of thing all the time. They are experts. They wrote the playbook the Republicans have begun to use more and more. the Democrats wrote it long ago Chicago.
The worse thing is that if Romney wins and when his policies are instigated, they will be almost the same as Obama's but all the while people will be calling them "free market"  When the economy has problems, the free market and a lack of regulation will be blamed. It happens every time. 
Romney has revealed his loyalty to the expansion of belligerence against and  invasion of other countries with his agreement of sanctions against Iran, the NDAA and the use of Drones. 
Most odd is Romney's evidently formal agreement to stand down and  stay silent regarding Benghazi. If we are so foolish to leave people there, why abandon them when they are being attacked and slaughtered. Very peculiar that Romney by his silence is literally agreeing with Obama that help should not have been sent.
Romney shows the same ignorance on economics when his remarks parallel Obama's on Health Care and China. He is showing that he believes in a mixed economy by his remarks that he wants national health care, but just not quite ObamaCare. ObamaCare Lite=Romney Care. He exhibits a lack of understanding of real free and voluntary markets when he will not better defend outsourcing and the right of any business to do so. When he does not want labor to move freely and cannot defend immigrants, but wishes they would return from whence they came. His attacks on China are definitely a play for the protectionist crowd.  Republicans are so blinded by the label of Republican he wears they cannot see he is only slightly different in actions and not much better than Obama.
Republicans had hopes for Ryan but he is definitely not a free market person nor does he understands Ayn Rand or the Austrian Economic positions. Rather Ryan has decimated the average person's understanding of Ayn Rand which is a prime example why pragmatists cause more harm than good. 
Every election since 1972 I have heard that this is the most important election and we must not vote third party and throw away our vote as the Dem is so bad. Well, I hardly think Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2,were better and certainly Mc Cain would not have improved things.  

I remember Neal Boortz using this idea on his radio show; "This is too important an election. I am a  Libertarian but "just this time" we must vote for the Republican". I cannot remember which election it was, but right after he pounded on this on his radio show Roger and I  went to the National Convention. Roger was at the front and center dinner table with Nolan, Boortz,  Bergland etc.  Boortz's feeling were hurt because he could not understand why the party was angry with him. Afterwards (I was not at the table during dinner) I tried to nicely explain, but wish now I had been more emphatic with Boortz.  

Given that voting for someone who may say they are peaceful, but decide to use force against others,turns voting into an  immoral act (Use of force by proxy). This  makes voting  bad enough. But voting for someone who clearly states, as Romney does,  they will use force, continue military adventurism all over the globe,  and thinks higher taxes, more drug war, more roundups of immigrants, Patriot Act and NDAA etc are Jim Dandy means it is even more immoral. 

So if you have not yet voted please
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Nov 8 Election Watch Party

on Thu, 10/06/2011 - 17:03

When: 11/8 6:30pm

Where: Bloxham Home: 3407 Old Forge Drive, San Antonio, Texas

Join us at the Bloxham's home to watch election results, We have three local Libertarians running for office, so let's cheer them on together! On the menu so far - Tacos and Sodas.

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Become a Candidate

on Mon, 07/25/2011 - 14:18

The Libertarian Party of Bexar County is looking for candidates that are interested in running for office. You can view the available positions LP Texas website and find out more information on the Texas state website. If you are not sure about running you can read more about becoming a candidate and what type of people we are looking for on the ballot on the 'Become a Candidate' page. If you have any interest or questions at all then please contact Laura Valle at She and the other members will assist you in knowing what you will need to do. 

Texas is the leading state in filling up the ballot with Libertarian candidates, but to continue this success we need people like you, who are willing to run. Becoming a candidate isn't about desire for power of position or not even about struggling tirelessly to change the system. It is simply about normal citizens like you standing up for the great Libertarian principles that you know are worthy. The good ideas are there, but now is the time to represent them by putting your name on the ballot. 

Almost every office up on the ballot without a libertarian representative only supports the status quo choices. It is submission to the status quo. We must make sure people have a choice. This great but simple gesture shows that things do not have to be what they have always been. It means people can choose differently and that power can be put back where it belongs. It is the greatest way of letting people know that 'the lesser of two evils' is no longer acceptable.

Join us today. No more evil, just freedom.

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San Antonio Elections coming up May 15th!

on Thu, 02/24/2011 - 00:59

The San Antonio elections are coming up May 15th.  We encourage all voters to get informed on which candidates are running and go vote.  Early voting starts May 2nd and goes to May 10th.  You can check the San Antonio Elections website for further information.   These are nonpartisian races but we have a local libertarian, Michael Idrogo, running for Mayor of San Antonio.